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My Journey Through The Splendid Sampler

March 18, 2017 International Quilting Day - I finished piecing my top today!

As one of the designers, I sewed along with The Splendid Sampler. I didn't get every block made yet, but there's time to catch up. After all there is a wonderful book being released by Martingale in April. Today is February 14th, 2017 and it's been one year since we all started this journey, so I thought I'd share with you how I've decided to set my blocks:

This is just the beginning, and another round has yet to be added, but you knew it had to be a hexagon right?

If you have never English Paper Pieced before download my English Paper Piecing Basics to help you out.

Why all the photos of bees? Download my project BEE-ing Happy in My Garden by clicking on the links below to find out.


Katja Marek Katja Marek Bev Marcotte Betty Spence Sonja Marek

A few friends made some blocks for me to show you some alternatives.

My Block is #51 

I call this little quilt BEE-ing Happy in my Garden! It uses my block #51 BEE Happy!
Download the instructions now to get started on your own!

While you're here don't forget to have a look at my free on-line quilt-alongs, The New Hexagon - Millefiore Quilt-Along and Blocks on the Go, for Quilts on the Grow. We have amazing Facebook groups for sharing they are: The New Hexagon - Millefiore Quilt-Along Facebook Group and Katja Marek's 'Quilt with Me' Facebook Group.
Both quilt-alongs use blocks from my book The New Hexagon: 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece. It was the #1 selling book for Martingale in 2015. Just released in July is The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar which will have a new online quilt-along launching in January 2017. December 2016 also brings The New Hexagon Coloring Book, perfect as a companion idea book for the calendar or on it's own.

Here are some of the Blocks that I've completed so far:

Block 1: Hearts AFlutter
Pat Sloan
Block 2: Wings
Jane Davidson
 Block 3: Lots of Love
Melissa Corry
 Block 4: Happy Happy
Jen Kingwell
 Block 5: Simple Simon
Celine Perkins
 Block 6: Focal Point
Natalia Bonner
 Block 7: Snug As a Bug
Amy Sinibaldi
 Block 8: Friends Around the Square
Julie Karasek
Block 9: Local Quilt Shop
Jane Davidson
Block 10: Iowa
Sherri McConnell
Block 11: Crocheted Thoughts
Alyssa Thomas
Block 12: Checkerboard
Pat Sloan
 Block 13: Scrap Star
Corey Yoder
 Block 14: Flying High
Janet Clare
 Block 15: Family Affair
Janice Ryan
Block 16: Pieces of Friendship
Lindsay Mayland
Block 17: Family Stars
Kimberly Jolly
Block 18: Lina's Gift
Pat Sloan
Block 19: Measure Twice, Cut Once
Jane Davidson
Block 21: Sweet Candy
Kris Thurgood
Block 22: Goose on the Loose
Amy Smart
Block 23: Hand in Hand
Karri Carr
Block 24: Inspector Sidekick
Michele Foster
Block 29: Scrappy Happy Heart
Christa Watson
Block 30: Simple Surprises
Amy Ellis
Block 33: Selvedge Saver
Pat Sloan
Block 34: Lemonade
Amy Gibson
Block 35: The Wishful Garden
Kristyne Czepuryk
Block 36: Inchy Hexagon Club
Jane Davidson
Block 37: Dashing by Chocolate
Laura Flynn
Block 40: Flights of Friendship
Barbara Groves & Mary Jacobson
Block 41: Sew South
Jennifer Mathis
Block 42: Pencils
Jane Davidson
 Block 46: Twirl Time!
Sarah Maxwell
Block 48: Whim
Faith Jones
Block 49: Summer's Gift
Karla Eisenbach

 Block 50: Flights of Fancy
Joanna Figeroa
Block 51: BEE Happy!
Katja Marek - This one is my block!
Block 53: Whirling in Circles
Deb Roberts
Block 54: Shell
Jane Davidson
Block 57: Starting Point
Lissa Alexander
Block 58: Homeward Bound
Kelly Liddle
 Block 59: Cirle of Friendship
Michele Muska
Block 61: Traveler
Pat Sloan
Block 62: Hen and Chicks
Heidi Kasand
Block 64: Rising Star
Kathy Brown
 Block 65: Stripe and Flowers
Siobhan Rogers
Block 66: Happy Thoughts
Vanessa Goertzen
 Block 67: Bobbin Chase
Scott Hansen
Block 70: Bows
Jane Davidson
 Block 71: First Stitch
Kerry Green
Block 72: Full Circle Star
Victoria Findlay Wolfe
 Block 73: + Love
Jennifer Albaugh
Block 74: Button Basket
Karen Costello Soltys
Block 76: Little Things
Jacquelynne Steeves
Block 77: Prism
Sara Lawson
Block 78: Jersey
Carrie Nelson
Block 79: Spool
Melanie Barrett
 Block 80: Heartstrings Star
Elizabeth Dackson
Block 81: With Love From
Cat Demack
Block 82: Under the Apple Tree
Brigitte Heitland
Block 83: Minnesota Maze
Roseann Kermes
Block 84; The Early Bird
Joan Ford
 Block 85: Flow
Latifah Saafir
Block 86: Unity Star
Vanessa Christenson
 Block 89: From Colorado to the Midwest
Ebony Love
Block 94: Skyscrapers
Stacy Lowe
 Block 95: I'm Walking on Sunshine
Kim Niedzwiecki
 Block 96: In the Sunshine
Cheryl Arkison
Block 97: First Purse
Di Mill
 Block 99: Four Corner Spinwheel
Kimberly Einmo
Block 100: Centered
Kate Spain