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Katja Marek - Author, Designer, Teacher

Katja Marek
was born in Moers, Germany in 1959. Just before she turned eight her father moved the family to Canada.

Her mother, a tailor by trade, took in alterations in order to stay home with her two young daughters. Katja grew up ‘under her mother’s sewing machine’, spending many childhood hours crafting, sewing, crocheting, and cross-stitching. Katja doesn't remember a time when she didn't craft or sew, she thought that everyone got up in the morning, brushed their teeth, combed their hair, and sewed. As a teenager, Katja didn't spend her money on music or make-up, but instead on fabric. At 14, she discovered her first quilt, when the family moved to a camp/resort where the cabin beds featured handmade coverlets. She fell in love with and copied the design of an old Grandmother's Fan coverlet. Without any knowledge of quilting but a vast knowledge of sewing, she proceeded to make templates and cut pieces from old clothing - and her quilting journey began. In 2014 the quilt that first inspired her, was gifted to her, by her aunt and uncle, who had it in their possession for the last 40 years, not realizing it's implication in Katja's life.
Winning the Art Award in high school convinced Katja that her life needed a creative outlet.

In 1999 with her children in their teens and years of banking behind her, it was time to realize the dream of owning her own quilt shop. The shop was featured in the Fall 2008 Quilt Sampler magazine as a Top Ten Canada/US quilt shop.

Over the years Katja has designed many, many patterns and Block-of-the-Month programs for her store. She dreamed of designing a program that would be based on fractured hexagons; using hexagons like blocks in a quilt instead of units. In 2012 she launched her Block-a-Week Hex-a-thon and in August signed a contract with Martingale based on this concept. This turned into The New Hexagon – 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece released in October 2014. To thank all those that had purchased a copy, Katja was inspired by a Kaffe Fassett fabric called 'Millefiore' to design a quilt using the blocks in the book in a totally different way than had been described in the book and announced that this would be offered as a FREE (to anyone that owned a copy of the book) online quilt-along during 2015.

This quilt-along immediately spurred the book to the number 1 position with Martingale and there it stayed for almost a year. It was is fact the number 1 selling title with Martingale for all of 2015. Again the number 5 selling title in 2016, and to date still in the top 20.

A second Quilt-Along called ‘Blocks on the Go, for Quilts on the Grow’, based on the book ran throughout 2016. Thousands have joined in all around the world and the 2 Facebook Groups for these quilt-alongs have over 13,000 and 6,000 people following along.

In 2016 The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar was released and immediately became a bestseller. Perpetually Hexie based on calendar blocks became the 2017 quilt-along. And if that wasn't enough, Katja decided to add another short quilt-along called 'Hex-Plosion' in the later part of 2017, based once again on The New Hexagon book.

Also during 2016, Liza Prior Lucy of Glorious Color and Kim McLean of Glorious Appliqué, hosted a quilt-along called Glorious Hexagons which used the blocks from Katja’s book The New Hexagon. Another wildly successful endeavor that has over 6,000 followers on Facebook.

Since the release of The New Hexagon Katja has amassed a faithful following of like minded English Paper Piecing, Fussy-Cutting Hexaholics, who together are Discovering the ‘Hex’-abilities!

But Katja's mind didn't stop there...
September 2017 saw the release of Distinctive Dresdens: 26 Intuiging Blocks, 6 Projects, in which Katja takes the traditional Dresden Plate block to new heights, using a totally new approach. Of course a new quilt-along is coming your way in 2018 called 'Rainy Days and Sun Days'.
So join in and quilt-along and Dare to be Distinctive!

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The Facebook sharing group for this Quilt-Along is The New Hexagon - Millefiore Quilt-Along. This group was set up and is dedicated to the 'Millefiore' quilt made using blocks from The New Hexagon: 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece.
There is a 2nd Facebook group which was set up for all 'Katja Marek Designs' and you can also share there: Katja Marek's 'Quilt With Me'

Instructions for Blocks on the Go, for Quilts on the Grow
The 2016 Quilt-Along

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The Aug - Dec 2017 Quilt-Along

Quilt-Along using The New Hexagon Perpetual Calendar

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The 2017 Quilt-Along

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Instructions for Rainy Days and Sun Days
The 2018 Quilt-Along

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